Float Rating

Earn your float rating.


6 hours
of Airtime


3-4 days



Blue River Aviation offers seaplane training/ratings in our 180HP Piper Super Cub equipped with Aerocets. Our Super Cub course costs $3,750 which includes ground training and up to 6hrs in the airplane. We also offer Seaplane refresher training as well. During your ground and flight training, you will learn maneuvers unique to seaplanes, such as:

  • Float construction and regulations
  • Aircraft systems
  • Determining seaplane accessibility in bodies of water
  • Preflight considerations
  • Castoff and taxiing
  • Reading wind and water conditions
  • Normal takeoffs and landings
  • Glassy water takeoffs and landings
  • Rough water takeoffs and landings
  • Crosswind area takeoff and landings
  • Sailing
  • Engine and systems failure
  • Docking, beaching, ramping, and mooring

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