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About Us

The Blue River Story

Head in the Clouds

Blue River’s Beginning

Jamie Hastings, the founder of Blue River Aviation, began his aviation career as a pilot for Peninsula Airways. He began flight instructing as a part-time gig in 2009. After a decade of working as a flight instructor on the side, Jamie decided to pursue his flight school full-time. With his own fleet of aircraft at the ready, Blue River Aviation was born!

Producing Top-Notch Pilots

Alaska’s Premier Flight School

Blue River Aviation now attracts students worldwide for our top-notch instruction and unique Alaskan flying experience. Led by our founder Jamie Hastings and his skilled team, students receive personalized training, mastering diverse flying conditions. Our flight school’s commitment to excellence and safety makes it a beakon for aviation enthusiasts seeking high-quality education in Alaska’s captivating skies.

Our Adorable Mascot

Meet Donna

Donna, the lovable mascot of Blue River Aviation, has become an integral part of our flight school’s culture. She was first introduced to the Blue River family when Jamie found her as a stray during an early morning flight, and she has been a beloved fixture ever since. With her warm, friendly demeanor, Donna never fails to bring smiles to the faces of students and staff alike. Students adore capturing cherished moments with her in photos, making Donna a symbol of the tight-knit community at Blue River.

Blue River’s Future

Always Growing

At Blue River Aviation, we aim to cover a variety of aviation needs. Besides flight training, we provide thorough aircraft maintenance to keep planes in great shape. We also offer charter services for travelers looking for convenience and leisure options. Don’t miss our flightseeing tours, where you can enjoy Alaska’s beautiful landscapes from the sky. We’re committed to delivering quality services that cater to our aviation community’s diverse needs. As we look forward to the future, we’re excited to continue growing and finding new ways to serve our clients in the ever-evolving world of aviation!