Grand Glacier Tour

Grand Glacier Tour

5 Anchorage Glacier Tours in one Flight


A grand flightseeing tour with 5 stunning Alaska glacier flight tours rolled into one.


Glacier air tours allow you to experience the unforgettable grandeur of Alaska’s frozen giants from above.

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Trip Type In the Air
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Trip Duration 2 Hours
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Temperature 37-56°F

Anchorage Glacier tour – the experience of a lifetime.


What to expect on our glacier air tours.


2 Hours

Group Size

2 Guests


Palmer Airport
720 E Yukon St


$275 Per Person

Blue River Aviation’s Grand Glacier Tour is the ultimate way to experience the best of Alaska’s local glaciers. Take to the skies and explore five local glaciers: Knik Glacier, Colony Glacier, Whiteout Glacier, Marcus Baker Glacier, and Lake George Glacier. Situated throughout the world-famous Chugach Mountain Range, these sights will surely be unforgettable.

Located next to Anchorage, Palmer, and much more, the Chugach Mountains are home to some of Alaska’s most famous mountains, peaks, and slopes. Its unique climate makes it the largest subpolar ice field in North America, spawning several large glaciers scattered throughout its mountains and valleys.

Chugach State Park, part of the Chugach Mountains, is considered Alaska’s most accessible natural area. Locals and visitors alike flock to the surrounding areas for all kinds of recreational adventures. Our Grand Glacier Tour offers an incredible opportunity: experience the marvelous views and sights of five Anchorage glacier tours all in one flight.

Fun fact: The Chugach Mountains in Alaska are home to the largest national forest in the United States, the Chugach National Forest. With over 5,000,000 acres of land, the Chugach National Forest boasts an incredible diversity of wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves, bald eagles, and a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities for visitors. The forest is also home to the Prince William Sound, a stunningly beautiful fjord-like coastal region home to abundant marine life, including whales, otters, and sea lions.



Depart from the beautiful Palmer, Alaska airport to begin the Grand Glacier Tour (our premier Anchorage glacier tour), take in the iconic Pioneer Peak as we soar toward the glacier experience of a lifetime.

Chugach Mountains

Fly above the Chugach Mountain Range, showcasing rugged peaks and diverse terrain. Take in the stunning views of snow-capped summits, lush valleys, and waterfalls in this famous landscape.

Glaciers, Glaciers, Glaciers!

Get your cameras ready, because now the Alaska glacier flightseeing begins! We’re going to tour five stunning local glaciers situated in the world-famous Chugach Mountain Range.

Pointers & Packing List

You bring the goods, we’ll lead the way

Pack a snack

We recommend packing a light lunch in case you get hungry during the 2hr flight. For safety reasons, we ask that it can fit in a small paper bag.

Dress in layers

In higher altitudes, it can get below zero. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing gloves as it’s hard to take photos when you’re shivering!

Shades are a must

It’s sunny up above the clouds. Bring a pair of quality sunglasses (ideally, with polarized lenses to reduce glare) so you can take in the full view without squinting.

Take some photos

Modern smartphones take amazing pictures, but if you want to bring something a little more powerful make sure it has a strap. It’s a long way down!

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As the premier Anchorage glacier tour, the Grand Glacier Tour takes you to explore five local glaciers: Knik Glacier, Colony Glacier, Whiteout Glacier, Marcus Baker Glacier, and Lake George Glacier, all situated within the world-famous Chugach Mountain Range.

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