Colony GLacier

Southcentral’s Hidden Gem


A flightseeing tour to the Colony Glacier at inner Lake George, Alaska.


Adventure to see one of Southcentral Alaska’s natural hidden gems: Colony Glacier, Alaska.

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Trip Duration 1.5 Hours
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Temperature 37-56°F

Witness the beauty of the hidden Colony Glacier and gorgeous Lake George, Alaska.


What you can expect from a Colony Glacier tour.


1.5 Hours

Group Size

2 Guests


Palmer Airport
720 E Yukon St


$250 Per Person

The Colony Glacier tour departs from the Palmer, Alaska airport and follows the same initial route of the Knik Glacier Tour — travel up the Knik River Valley, through the gorge to inner Lake George, Alaska. Take a peek at this huge glacial lake formed by the Colony Glacier. Depending on the conditions, the lake at Colony Glacier can be chocked full of large, deep blue icebergs. Huge icebergs calve off this massive glacier, crashing down into the lake.

Colony Glacier, Alaska is a hidden gem located just past the well-known Knik Glacier. The icebergs that often roam inner Lake George can be the size of a house. Listen closely, and you might hear the loud booms and cracks of these ice giants calving off into the icy depths.

Colony Glacier is situated on Lake George at the foothills of the towering Mt. Gannett. This hidden landscape is brimming with natural beauty, ripe with opportunities for some of the most unique, stunning photography. Don’t miss out on this unique Alaskan experience — take to the skies and create memories for everyone with Blue River Aviation!

Fun fact: the Colony Glacier is part of an active annual military operation called Operation Colony Glacier. The Alaskan Command, Alaska National Guard, U.S. Army Alaska, Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations, and Armed Forces Medical Examiner System personnel work to recover debris and remains from the crash site of U.S. Air Force C-124 Globemaster II on November 22, 1952.



Depart from the beautiful Palmer, Alaska airport for the Colony Glacier Tour and travel up the Knik River Valley. We travel through the gorge, headed straight for Lake George, Alaska.

Lake George

Soar above Lake George, a captivating glacial lake in Alaska’s wilderness. Admire the surrounding mountains and icebergs originating from the adjacent Colony Glacier.

Colony Glacier

Explore Colony Glacier’s vivid blue ice and dramatic crevasses from above. Witness its sheer vastness and impressive seracs shaping the landscape.

Pointers & Packing List

You bring the goods, we’ll lead the way

Pack a snack

All the flightseeing of Colony Glacier, Alaska can make you hungry! We recommend packing a light lunch for your experience. For safety reasons, we ask that it fits in a small paper bag.

Dress in layers

It can get below zero at higher altitudes. We recommend dressing in layers and bringing a pair of gloves. It’s hard to take steady shots of the scenery when you’re shivering!

Shades are a must

When you soar above the clouds, there is a lot of sun and glare. To avoid squinting the whole time, we recommend bringing a pair of quality sunglasses.

Take some photos

Modern smartphones take amazing pictures, but if you want to bring something a little more powerful make sure it has a strap. It’s a long way down for a dropped camera!

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The Colony Glacier tour departs from the Palmer, Alaska airport and follows the initial route of the Knik Glacier Tour, traveling up the Knik River Valley, through the gorge to inner Lake George, Alaska.

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