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Fly Fishing



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Trip Duration 5-6 Hours
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2 – 3 Hours
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1 – 5 Guests
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Palmer Airport
901 S Airport Rd



See one of the largest glaciers in southcentral Alaska! Depart from the beautiful Palmer airport with a full view of Pioneer Peak. Travel to the south, turning east along the foothills of the Talkeetna Mountains, and cruise toward the spectacular Chugach Mountains. The flight follows the Knik River Valley with the towering peaks of the Chugach Mountains on both sides of the plane and the mighty Knik Glacier waiting at the head of the valley.

The Knik Glacier is well-known among local Alaskans. Its ice field averages a span of 25 miles long and 5 miles wide, thus making it one of the largest glaciers in southcentral Alaska. It also feeds the Knik River, trickling into the Knik Arm
— a section of the famous Cook Inlet.

Knik Glacier also has a lake situated near the face of the glacier: Lake George. This lake became very well-known in the early days of Alaska’s pioneers due to a unique natural phenomenon known as a “jökuhlaup” in Icelandic (or glacial lake outburst flood for those that don’t speak the language). This outburst flood would cause annual devastation to local properties before ceasing in 1967, with many attributing this to the great earthquake of 1964.

Fun fact: the Knik Glacier has played host to Hollywood. It was once the setting for the Klingon penal colony called Rura Penthe in 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. That’s right: take a step into a faraway land and see where Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy were rescued from Klingon captivity.