Master maneuvers unique to seaplanes


Blue River Aviation offers seaplane training/ratings in a Piper Super Cub equipped with Aerocets floats. During your ground and flight training you will master maneuvers unique to seaplanes such as:

Float construction and regulations
Aircraft systems
Determining seaplane accessibility in bodies of waters
Preflight considerations
Castoff and taxiing
Reading wind and water conditions
Normal take-offs and landings
Glassy water takeoffs and landings
Rough water takeoffs and landings
Crosswind takeoffs and landings
Confined area takeoffs and landings
Engine and systems failure
Docking, beaching, ramping, and mooring

Our course is $2100 and includes ground training and up to 6hrs in the airplane. We also offer Seaplane refresher training as well.


Please contact us for more info and we will get your flight scheduled. 

Gift Certificates Available! 


907.414.0371 call or text


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